drum friends - help me out with this idea...


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i appreciate there are some very technical drummers on here, so this may not be very advanced for some of you guys! (and i hope i've got the terminology right) but i'm looking for some suggestions for the following solo idea that i'm working on. it has 4 bars of 3/4 followed by 3 bars of 4/4. it's around 165bpm and the structure looks like this...


this whole section is repeated 4 times. i was thinking of playing a waltz type beat for the first 4 x 3/4 bars and doing a big fill for the last 3 x 4/4 bars bringing me back to the start and repeating with the same groove but a different fill each time

can you guys suggest any grooves or fills that may sound pretty cool for this? i'm a rock drummer, so i'm looking for something that's pretty straight forward powerful and impacting rather than intimate technical jazz fills


Bart Hodge

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Remember, a waltz is a feel and not a time signature. You might want to reevaluate your thinking. I'd probably look at something with a heavy half-time with the back beat on 3 in the 3/4 measures and then some regular 4/4 thing. Might work.


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Depends on the feel of the music.I'd be writing a part based on what the rest of the band is doing. Instead of a waltz one-two-THREE, perhaps a one-TWO-three or a ONE-two-three. Or maybe the trick is to subdivide the 3/4 bars to eighth notes and put the snare on an "and": one-and-two-AND-three-and.


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Now just my take you understand,why not change the 3/4 to 3/8, that would give another different feel.

Red Menace

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I'm not the sharpest in the bunch on my theory but I don't believe you can just change a time signature like that... Wouldn't that change up what everyone else would have to play?

I'm with Al, I would have to hear the tune to get an idea of what to play.


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thanks for your replies. unfortunately, i don't have a recording. regarding the time signature, it's actually 3/4 all the way through i.e. 8 bars of 3/4 rather than 4 bars of 3/4 and 3 bars of 4/4. that brings you back around to the start of the phrase (if that's the correct word) with the rest of the music

so, if this was just 3/4 all the way through, can anyone recommend some cool grooves? could be in 3/8 as well i guess