Drum fills


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Never been much of a "fill" guy, more of a "feel" guy. In that I mean when writing with my band or any band previous I focus on what the other instruments are doing rhythmically and the articulations of the melodies. Kick and snare carry the groove however I incorporate other pieces of the kit depending on the direction of the song. Dynamically moving with flow of the tune. I write in pieces and have been known to recycle parts and phrases into other tunes with other bands. Some musicians claim I am too "busy" and thats fine but as well have found that when locked most people get a kick out of playing with me.

I am not a drum solo guy either.

You'll find your place



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You've got this thread and another about getting off beat going. Just curious, are you taking lessons? A couple of good sessions with a strong teacher might give you a firmer grounding in these concepts.

Steady Freddy

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Most pop songs use an eight note ride pattern. Keep the right hand playing that pattern as you move around the drums and fill in in the left hand. It's an easy way to keep 16th note fills in time.