Drum exam song suggestions?


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Thought about any odd meter stuff?
Tool Schism
Pink Floyd Money
Take 5 Dave Brubeck
Bruford Beelzebub
Forgot about Bruford especially his late 70s stuff. We did 'In The Dead Of Night' by UK at Uni. It's in a really cool 7/4 goove. The time signature changes in places and the guitar solo is a bitch but you don't have to worry about that!


For Dave Brubeck, anything off the time out album is a good showcase for odd time signatures. Personally I'd go for Blue Rondo Ala Turk in 9/8.



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Thanks heaps guys! Means a lot!

Yeah, Mikyok, I can play Gadd's groove in "50 Ways to leave your lover" but haven't considered it as an option for the exams. I'll check it out again!

Thanks again guys


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Toad - Cream

Third Stone from the Sun (Hendrix Experience)

What is Hip - Tower of Power


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I'd suggest something that shows off your groove abilities but shows off a few chops too.

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Paul Simon) would tick all of those boxes.
Mushanga (Toto) is another cool one but there's a bit of keys in that one.

There's tonnes of stuff out there I'm sure you'll find something cool. Good luck dude!


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I've never heard of those songs/artists, but I gave them a listen and they seem fairly similar.

There are millions of songs, so I won't suggest specific ones, but have you thought about trying to play as many genres as you can? It might better showcase you as a drummer...


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Hey guys, I am in my final year at school here in Australia, and for my final exams we have to pick 4 songs to play. I have been playing drums for 9 years now and need assistance choosing 2 more songs.

So far I have got these two songs:

Benny Greb - Soulfood
James Morrison - Sydney by Night (Stage band arrangement)

Please leave me a few more suggestions! Preferably songs that work well in either a drums, bass, guitar trio, or a stage band. Not really interested in playing to a backing track, but also suggest them too!

Cheers guys, Jack.