DRUM Cymbals purchase.. HELP required !!!

Hi all,

this is an urgent question. i have to order today. so following are the options i have to buy stuff TODAY (so its sort of urgent as i'm having things delivered from somewhere :) ):

Current setup: Pasite 2002 16 inch crash (love it, want to add more 2002s); new beat hi hats and a sabian b8 ride (due to lack of budget) (i want to add at least one more main cymbal and a couple of splashes if possible)

- DW 5000 single BD pedal (definitely buying as the current one i have does not have any flow)
- Wuhan China (16 inch is available right now at GC, so i think thats what i'll have to go for)
- Paiste 2002 18 inch Crash
- a splash or two if possible.

OKAY so here's the dilemma, i'm on a budget due to which I can buy just tome stuff... the drum pedal is a TOP priority so i'm buying that.

The question then is between the Wuhan China and a Paiste 2002 (btw i have not been able to locate a used 2002 at GC or ebay that is within budget). and the Wuhan that i'v seen is a 16 inch (never used a china before so can't say how much of a difference there would be between an 18 and a 16).

suggest a couple of good semi-pro splashes as well please.

i play in a band that plays mostly classical Rock, Rock, not too hard not too soft stuff (hence not a double bass pedal either). Basically i need versatility.


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Wuhans generally sound fine for their price. Some people prefer them to more expensive ones.

As for splashes, I've used ZHTs and B8s a fair bit and they sound honestly good for rock stuff with strong hits. I'd get a 10" ZHT China Splash and an 8" B8.


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I would forget about the splashes for now and spend that money on a better ride than the B8


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GD beat me to it.

I'd say get your pedal - you need that.

The next priority should be a ride - before any of the other things you mentioned.
You've got good hats and crash. With a decent ride, you're all set to go.
big fan of the meinl classics china splashes here.

Wuhan china's are actually pretty great considering their price. got a 16 & 18"


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Oh yeah, I should have said- basically any low-mid-end splash will work similarly to the big name ones I mentioned. Meinl Classics or MCS, Paiste PST5/8 or Alpha, and Wuhan's splashes aren't bad either. My Wuhan splash broke much quicker than my B8 did though.
GREAT GREAT ADVICE GUYS.. Espexially GD and Bill. Thanks alot.

Although added tothe confusion it helped me narrow down to two things:
1. I get to buy a 20 inch 2002 ride as 22 inc is not available on GC rite nw; um personally i didnt like te 20 much as it couldnt stop ringing, from the online clips obviously because im in Pakistan and have to rely in online inormation alot. So, this choice would w a dw pedal and a 20 inch 2002 ride

2. This interest me more .. This is, as another guy suggested (sorry forgot te name as im on mobile) a paiste 2002 19 inch crash and a dw pedal. Interests me more because i think i Really Miss another crah at times.

I dont want to be shopping around for a ride again once a buy one, so that has to be a really calculated buy (those are HUGE mad difficult when u have to ask someone to bring them drom USA to Pakistan)

I think i have a some hours before i order. So any response would be very very helpful again. Thanks for helping me let go ofthechina for now :Dd. i think i can add that later. :))


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Yes.. the China cymbal is a bit of a nice to have, but a good ride will be more useful. I never carry Chinas anymore as I just don't use them that often.. and at the end of the night it's like 'I dragged that big hunk of metal out here for 5 hits?'.

Apart from Paiste (which can be excellent!) a cheaper alternative are Zildjan K's and they can sound fantastic if you know what you are looking for..

Also, you may not have a choice, but I can't but any cymbal unless I hear it and test it out in a store or wherever. Buying online is well.. sometimes you get lucky but..