Drum & Cymbal Company Logos


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I'm sure the only reason Sakae went out of business was because of their ridiculous badges.


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Curiously enough, even though it's script, I find the Pearl Logo boring, timeless but boring, otherwise many script logo are great :
That's interesting. I love script logos the most, but I just realized I never thought of the Pearl logo as a script logo. Even though it is definitely a script logo.

I have no good explanation for that.

As an aside, I would like to see a motorcycle drag race between fess and wildbill because they both picture motorcycles in their avi.

And they both don't use capital letters for their screen name.


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Logos I love (in no order)

Gretsch (any of the varients)
Slingerland Radio King
Rogers (script logo)
Ludwig (any of them)