Drum Channel


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I visited DW a couple of months ago, and when you tour the factory, they take you next door to see the studio where they record Drum Channel instructional videos.

I found Don Lombardi to be such an incredibly nice guy, and as I am looking to develop my skills after an extended break, I spent the $94 I think on the Drum Channel site.

They are in the process of developing it into something better, as he said it isn't what he has wanted it to be.

As of now, I find it hard to navigate and get to something useful.

Does anyone here have experience with Drum Channel and have you figured out how to make it work for you?


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It doesn't work.. it was easily the biggest waste of money i spent since i started... the videos are usually low quality.. the teaching styles off putting most of the time.. and half way through my subscription there was just no new content at all it seemed..

The only thing i found that i liked on the entire site was chad smiths show they had. but i at the time i quit there it was already old content..