Drum Book Idea


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Hi all. My name is Steve Powell and I'm from Brisbane, Australia.
I'm working on putting a book together of transcribed funk beats and drum breaks. Some of them are well known hip hop samples while alot are rare (and I suspect have never been notated). I'm in the process of gathering information for the people I need to contact regarding gaining permission to use the beats. I'm really serious about this project and am very passionate about preserving the original drum beats (and the drummers that played them) that have had such an impact on so many styles of music.
How do I go about getting a book published? What publishing companies would be interested in this?
More importantly....what do you all think of this idea? I'm aware that there are similar books out there and I have purposely chosen beats I'm not aware of ever being written down.
I really value any kind of feedback. Cheers,


paradiddle pete

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Great idea Steve, Good luck with it and i hope it works out well. There are and were a lot of GREAT drummers in OZ as well.