drum amps


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hi all ..this is my first post..and im wanting everyones advice ...
i FINALLY got missen an electronic drum kit,, after wanting to learn to play them forr the last 30yrs ...my question is this ,,,,can the electronic kit be used with a keyboard/synth,,AMP.
i did purchase a stagg amp but it didnt seem to pick up on the ride or crash ,,,no idea why..the kit is the yamaha dtx400k ... wich i have to say im really pleased with .



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Yes any amp could be used. The drums use the complete range of frequencies and so the keyboard amps or bass amps with tweeters could be used.


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I've got a dtx extreme mk 1 for practice at home. Nowadays I think its rebadged as Explorer , there's no mesh heads, all rubber. Its fine for practice, doubt if I'd gig with it.

I found by experiment with the pad settings menu that I could get cym and tom pads dialled in so that I could play with similar dynamics as on an acoustic kit - when using headphones.

Much harder to do when sending the output to an external amp (powered monitor). The lighter strokes wouldn't give a sound so I had to re-adjust the sensitivity of the pads and that kinda worked - but then light / full strokes all sounded the same.

As its only for practice and the odd MP3 recording (taken from the headphone socket) I never bothered trying to improve the monitor sound.

BTW for stick control stuff I don't use the brain at all, just use it set of rubber pads.


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Check out the Simmons DA200S. I have one and love it. Great for practicing or stage monitor use. Not too expensive either and built for electronic drums.


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Keyboard amps work .... but maybe not as good as an amp specifically designed for e-drums. I have 3 Roland KC-100 amps (designed for keys) and 3 Roland PM-1 amps (designed for drums). Both types are rated at 60 watts. The KC's work, but don't deliver the lows that the PM's do.​