Double Paradiddle or Paradiddle-diddle?


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...6 stroke roll?

Exactly! Thank you, Num.

I would venture a guess that most of us are either predominately single stroke or double stroke players. And I think that determines which of these two rudiments we will find more essential.


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They are both good..but different. I use double paraddidles more often.. mostly as a practice thing; great way to warm up with combinations of different rudiments.. or applying them to the set as rythmns... 6/8 or triplet feel.

6 stroke rolls are fun as well.. all depends where you put the accent and sticking etc.

A good exercise is playing medium tempo paradiddles for a few bars - and then play a few bars of double paradiddles (triplet feel).. then repeat. Then alternate around the paraddidles with other rudiments 6-stroke rolls,, 5-stroke etc..
See how fast you can speed it up .. and keep the meter in the pocket! Been doing that for years as a warm up to loosen up..


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I think we need to break this down to the "root" Greek words to sort this out.
Para- means along side
Diddle-means to move back and forth with short rapid motions.
or to waste time
or bopping the baloney

Which I'm pretty sure the last two of diddle are spot on with this thread LOL.


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Sound of crickets.. looks you like you really amuse yourself! If you haven't got anything to say other than the thread is 'a waste of time' then move on and don't waste our time! Same goes for a few others who posted the same sentiment.

The thread was about rudiments.. which I have to assume is beyond your comprehension or skill level.

I don't post on here that much anymore.. mainly because there are too many jerks, trolls and 'yabutters' on here. It's too bad as I've shared a lot of valuable tips on the forum.. after playing for about 45 years all over North America and still getting good paying gigs to this day.. I have a lot of experience to share. But it's unfortunate for some of the student drummers on here.. which is probably the only reason I post - but I can do without naysayers and J.O's that haven't a clue.

It's unfortunate, because they've built a great site here with tons of information and videos.. but I'm done with this forum.


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I'll go paradiddle-diddle for sure on this. And I'm allowed to play them off the left, yes?

Orrr..... I'll take the double paradiddle and then play slurred 6 stroke rolls that are 3x inverted (a.k.a. paradiddle-diddle loop hole).