Does the sound of the metronome matter?


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Okey this is a stupid question but that's what I'm here for :)
I got a lot of options on my metronome on Roland V-drums I mainly use VOICE(a lady counting) and sometimes metronome simply to get me used to play to a tone. Both works well for me but I also have a "CLICK" option...
I found it harder to play to click than the metronome. Is there any reason I should practice my ears to get used to playing to the "click"-sound instead of the "metronome"-sound? Is the "click"-sound the sound that is the common one in recording studios? In that case I would want to get used to it... so I'm prepared if that day ever comes :)


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In all of my studio experiences, the guy in the booth has always been willing to work with me on click sounds and volumes, so I am inclined to say no. As long as you can hear it and play to it, you should be good to go.

I like a cowbell/handclap click myself.

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I could listen to the voice click for about one measure until I stabbed my ears out.

I like a closed HH or tambourine clik. It fits in better. When playing live with a click, I need it to be a high pitch (tamb) so it cuts thru the

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The good thing about a cowbell sound is it's easier to imagine that it's a real instrument so you (I) feel more like I'm playing with the click than to it. I don't want to disappoint that very precise cowbell-playing percussionist!


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Nothing wrong with being sounds like a very pro or responsible idea to be prepared to accept different click sounds if beyond your control in any given situation.

I also find some of the click tone options very annoying on my ekit and can definitely imagine it being a distraction if you dont like it and can't change it for a performance or session.

These days, I would go so far as to have files of your favorite click sounds stored somewhere in the cloud....with pro tools etc, it is probably possible to import different click tone files of the proper file type for the daw and that way any reasonable studio could suck the file down from the cloud if it becomes that important.


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I like an audiable click that is in mid-range...well out of the high freq that pierce your brain and notch your that garbage used in marching band outdoor torture sessions where the manufacturer should hand out free tylenol.

piped to a speaker in my throne is my next target...need to invest in one of those...seems to be a great tool(porter davies i believe is the company making them)