Does it bother you...

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True, however, Zildjian's Swish china are very low sounding (for a china) and they're quite good at crashing and riding without the typical trashiness of chinas. Available both with or without rivets (mine's an 18" without rivets.)
I never had a China or a pang though I had an old bent cymbal that sounded a bit like a China, which I found indispensable for some tunes. Used with taste they can add power and colour. Overused, as with any instrument, and they make a racket.


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I play in a cover band and *usually* play the drum parts as close as I can within my ability and make some parts my own depending on song. My band just covered the new tune "Ex's and Oh's." and will play it at a gig this weekend for the first time.

I played the chorus on the floor tom (as recorded.)

My singer/guitarist (we are a 3 pc) suggested to "rock it up a bit" and play the chorus while riding the crash. I will say that it definitely beefs up the song.

But I usually prefer NOT to do it during verses/solos so as not to overwhelm the vocals/guitars. Usually if a verse needs beefing, I'll slosh the hats.