Does anyone here wear two different shoes for hi hat and bass drum pedals?


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Thought it was par for the course.

It's fraught with danger though. It's so easy to forget and wear matching shoes only to get to the gig and realise you can't play thehi hat because you're wearing your bass drum shoes. Or substantially worse......find you have to leave the bass drum patterns out because you've mistakenly donned your hi hat shoes.
I think you're onto something here.
I'm going to sell "bass drum shoes" on eBay with the claim that wearing them will automatically make you the next Dave Lombardo (or Joey Jordison- depending on the target age group), then sit back and watch the money roll in.
Now I just need a name for these wonderous shoes....

Almost forgot the all important- PATENT PENDING!!
This is interesting, I've never heard of anybody doing this. In all honesty it sounds a little silly but I'm not one to judge

Personally wearing shoes at all messes up my playing. I prefer being in socks


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Is the sole more slippery on the shoe he doesn't plant on?

I would say the best example is curling.
The sole are totally different - the slide foot has a slick felt front and the other is just a rubber sole. I see many guys wearing shoes from different pairs to get the correct feel. Sometimes it's one tennis shoe.