Does any one know any thing about mastering?


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Hey Guys/Gals

Me and my band members have just finished our last few tracks and really need to get some mastering done but we are out of money and since they are lazy and will expect it to magically happen its left to me to sort out.

Does any one know any where I can learn


some where so cheap I can get it done


even offer some one a few beers lol??


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What kind of system are you running? Hardware-based or DAW? My experience of mastering is essentially the following:

Clarity of mix. Make sure that everything is sounding as good as possible before the mastering process. Make sure that your mix is what you want before you commit to any mastering.

Mastering should therefore consist (EQ-wise) of small EQ tweaks that enhance the clarity of the mix material. Commercial mastering usually brings the mix up to the industry '0dB'. This may involve the use of master track automation, compression and limiting and combinations forthwith.

Test your master out on a variety of systems. Mono, Stereo, small-speaker, in-car. The works.

How good is your playback system? Is it worth trying to master on it?


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I just got a £6.99 master from these guys and was really pleased with it

Please note that you have to join a web site called Audio Rokit to get your master for 'free' and that site costs 6.99 month so not really 'free'! But, you can join and then cancel a week later so you actually would only pay 6.99 which is pretty good for a pro master. Think they have a promotion on or something until end of Jan 2011

The Audio Rokit site you need to join to get the master is pretty awsom anyway as they let you submit your song to record labels and publishers so all in all worth doing.

Bit of hassle but saves a load of money!

Good luck


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What is it about your mixes that you hope mastering will change? How are you hoping to improve them?