Do your hands ache when you stop playing for a while

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The family's from back east and I'm in Phoenix, so I get a lot of extended winter visitors. My mother has been here for a couple of weeks and has been camped out in my drum room.

Needless to say, I haven't been playing for this short while - not the kit or the pad.

Possibly, as a result, my hands are sore. They don't hurt badly or feel like they are injured, but the best way to explain it is, they feel like my body feels when I first get out of bed in the morning - just sore.

I don't know if not playing is related to this soreness. But, am curious if any of you older guys have experienced this.

They are heading home today, so I will be getting back into my routine. If this post strikes a chord with any of you, I'll keep you posted on my rehab.



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I get soreness when I've gripped too hard and played for hours on end... Never had soreness from not playing though. As I age I notice more and more general stiffness and need to stretch more, but I gather that may just be life reminding me I'm mortal as it does to all humans.


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My hands typically ache a bit and are quite stiff in the mornings, but loosen up over the course of the day. Just the beginnings of arthritis I believe.