Do you wear rings when drumming?

Hollywood Jim

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Well since the "do you wear a watch" thread was so successful I thought I'd ask another question. Do you wear rings when you play?

I take off my wedding when I play. It annoys me. If I wear it, once in a while it taps on my drum stick.

Yeah, Ringo had to wear them. If I was making big money like him I'd wear them too.



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Depends on how you hold your sticks and if it bothers and or interferes with you’re playing. I don’t ware my wedding band when playing. It does not feel natural to me. But that’s me.


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I've only worn a wedding ring, and I leave it on while playing drums (on the very rare occasion that I need to play bongos or congas, I take the ring off.) It's a simple band with "comfort fit", and over the years, a bit of a callous is built around it, so I really don't notice it's there.

But other jewelry or a watch, no.



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Wedding ring....

No Nipple Rings.....

No Genital Piercings.....

No Watch.......

No Collars.....

I do wear clothes and shoes.......

Boxers too....always wear boxers.....


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I can't wear any metal on my body, playing or any other time. I can't even have stuff in my pockets when I play.


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I wear a wedding ring and my class ring from the Medical College of Georgia. (it's a skull and crossbones so kids always think I'm a pirate-which heck I am LOL). I've gotten where I don't like having a wallet in my back pocket when I drive or drum now. Use to always wear a watch but now I don't think I could get use to it again. Don't like chains and no piercings.


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i wear a wedding ring... sometimes I want to take it off though when it starts clicking or becoming a problem playing.


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I haven't worn my wedding ring in years. (Doh!) I do know where it is though, for a while I was a bit worried. I found that it occasionally pinched a bit and it would always click against the stick when I was drumming on a pad. If I wore it & took it off each time I played it would've gotten lost years ago.


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I wear my wedding ring and it does not interfere with my grip in any way. I have another ring I wear on my right hand and I have worn it a couple times for gigs but it bothers me so, no more.


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I always wear my wedding ring.

After 12 and 1/2 years of wedding bliss, my left hand almost can't function without my wedding ring on.


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After 12 and 1/2 years of wedding bliss, my left hand almost can't function without my wedding ring on.
Aww. That's really lovely.

I always wear my wedding ring, but I would take it off if it interfered with my playing. Sometimes I wear a big sparkly ring, if the look requires it. Apart from that, just my earrings and nose piercing.


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I always wear my wedding band when I play. The only "drumming" reason I have removed it for was when I played percussion.
I did that once...once...and ended up with a pretty bruised finger.


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I wear my engagement ring when drumming, never seems to get in the way. When i played djembe or other bits id take it off as its really thin but id often put on a heavy gauge steel ring as it made a nice sound when hit on the rim of djembes.