Do you remember when...


"Uncle Larry"
Songs would spur a dance craze, or songs were written with the purpose of introducing a new dance?

I'm trying to think of the last song I can remember that had a dance attached to it. The most recent one I can think of is the Macarena.

There has to be more recent ones than that. Right??

I always thought it was a good idea, the dance/song combo. If you give the kids a new original dance, built around your original's a good business move.

Heck, I'll write a song and invent a new dance. I'll call it "The Business Move".

So, this thread is all about songs that were written to introduce a new dance step, and anything else that's even remotely related.

Jeremy Bender

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The Twist by Chubby Checker. There may be some other slow, doom trance songs I don't know about that emulates my kid on a school morning.

Midnite Zephyr

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Madonna tried to get us to Vogue back in the 90's. In the 80's, Wham tried to get us to do the Jitterbug. The 70's had the Locomotion, but my favorite was the Boot Scooting Boogie.


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The twist has the be ultimate. Easy for anyone, even with two left feet, and old Chubby got a lot of mileage and even a few albums out of it.


"Just Freak" in the 70's by the band Slave. "The Freak" was the dance craze. Also "Freak Out", I forget the band's name but it was a big disco thing....

Someone's Dad

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...gangnam style...

...which is a paradiddle.
My mind is blown. I never noticed that. My boy and all his classmates went crazy for that dance.

It's like the ending of The Usual Suspects or The Sixth Sense. Suddenly my boy's interest in drumming falls into place. I need to lie down and take stock.