Do you like playing vocal PoP song oriented drums?


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So many drummers on these forums are into fusion, heavy metal, nu metal.....some good stuff, but there seems to be less drummers who are really song oriented and are about totally supporting the song!

Solid drummer wtd for recording Timeless PoP project
Timeless POP/Power PoP happening here . . .great groove, rocking drums & excellent songwriting

very vocal oriented but focused on the groove and backbeat. Excellent bass players
(just view the photos on our website slideshow to show you our wide range of eclectic and amazing influences)


Currently working with pro drummer who records and tours w many top artists....

I Need another talented musician to help develop/create and record new songs. I'm recording too many songs and he is often on tour.

I also need someone to help lay the foundation for the new songs. And possibly do the final take.

Exactly what I need is a good solid timing intermediate drummer to lay down a track to use as a foundation for building the song and adding other tracks.
(obviously you would need a home recording setup or access to one….which many drummers do these days)

I would send you the backing track and you would send back either a track from V drums and the midi or a track of live drums.

If you are a pro level drummer than I would use your final drum take in the final version and put it on the next release. Join a talented team of musicians, vocalists and top mixing and mastering engineers to create something really special.

The last release in 2010. . .new one coming soon.

Working on the next one currently. So far the current songs are coming together very well.

Have the best and latest gear for recording with very talented engineers doing the mixing
The Kemper Profiling amp which is the biggest advance in guitar technology since Leo Fender put his name on that amp.

Sunrise Highway (name of the band) was a 60's/70's influenced album with a serious Beach Boys California sunshine pop sound. Also Bealtes, Byrds, Bacharach, Lovin Spoonful, Todd Rundgren and a lot of classic influences. Layers of golden harmonies everywhere.

The next release titled "Windows" will have a more diverse sound, but still a very vocal oriented with sound with really exciting drum styles.

Timeless Pop, yet a more modern Indie Rock sound. This time its really Beatles,Who, Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield, Moody Blues.
Also power pop like the Who and Cheap Trick as well as R&B and New Wave and folk rock like the Byrds, The Band

and heavier garage rock/Television/CBCB/Velvet Underground … bands like that. Retro with modern production. Also new songs that have a psychedelic sound. Hendrix!

Very exciting music for a creative drummer.....Hal Blaine, Mitch Mitchell, Clem Burke, Bun E, Ringo, Charlie Watts, Steve Gadd, Jim Keltner, Keith Moon

On many best release of 2010 lists
Super reviews.

The songs speak for themselves!

Breathe – from upcoming release.

Favorites from the 2010 release….videos
Endless Summer


Baby Be Good (total Beach Boy happiness) Summer

Song previews from soon to be released album WINDOWS

I have a studio in NYC this is not a local gig, unless you live locally. I have a set of V drums

But work with people all over the world using drobox etc.

Trading files is easy.

So many drummers have their own or access to a recording setup and can send me files on dropbox, etc……. I send you the backing tracks
I work with people all over the world.
This will be on "spec" which means you will get paid if there is a song placement (it has happened). . and I have do many........but if you are doing it cause you like the songs and you want to get yourself involved with some great recordings this is a smart move. Its tough to make money in the biz right now, we all know that. But creating music of a certain quality is the quest here….and if we can make money we all share…

and I assure you that it will be a very rewarding experience. Our next release will be reviewed on many sites. Get on the credits and get your name out there.
Sunrise Highway already sells more downloads than many Indie bands. . .but in this environment that is not saying much. Still it is encouraging. So far all funds go into recording, mixing and gear.

Would love great live drums but engineers who I work with can turn your V drum files into awesome tracks using BFD2 and other programs.

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