Do you keep your cardboard boxes?


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Just one, a rare Slingerland Radio King box my snare came in from the seller.

I'd frame the box if I could. My most favourite cardboard box ever. Will never get rid of it and the other half knows not to throw it away.


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For a time. If I don't use them for a return, they invariably become a floor mat for crawling around under cars and such, or good starter for the fire pit.

Also handy for emergency homelessness due to typical drummer and the girlfriend scenario.

Hollywood Jim

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Yes, I keep a good supply of different size cardboard boxes on hand at all times.
Just in case someone calls me to go into the studio to record some Beatles songs.

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The only drum box typically worth keeping is the snare box.

The Ludwig box my BB came in was a godsend when I sold/shipped my classic-maple.

I typically store the boxes for high-cost items for the duration of their warranty (apple products, audio gear, appliances) because I have a big-arse loft over my garage. I clean up about once a year.

Vintage Old School

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Flat pack them and keep - if you ever decide to sell anything, 'still in original box' can sometimes even add to the price.
All the Type A personalities raise your hand. "Present."

I'm guilty of keeping boxes for all my higher end gear in my storage unit. But it sure comes in handy when it comes time to sell items and I have all the original packaging to boot.

I live in a small community where the chances of selling any of my gear locally is slim and none. If I lived in a large metropolitan area with a thriving music scene I wouldn't be inclined
to keep most--if any--of my boxes. But I need to rely on eBay or Reverb to sell gear and having the original packaging is a big plus for some buyers. It has yielded higher sales prices for
some selective buyers.

Ultimately it's a big time saver on my end when it comes time to ship things out.

Mike Stand

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Cardboard boxes: great for building forts and castles on the lawn in the summer! For the kids of course, not for me, honestly... :)


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I keep the cardboard sleeves that come with a pair of sticks. I often have to send them back when the tips chip or the sticks shred or snap after using them for a while as they're obviously faulty. :D


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My lady has some weird compulsion about saving boxes for things. The more she cares about the thing the more likely she is to save all the packaging and manuals and other stuff that comes with.

I hate it, hate having trash around and think it's stupid. I can even compromise and say keep the stupid box till the return policy is out but we still have boxes for a toaster we bought years and years ago as an example.


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Yes, and not just for drums. And the packing peanuts, air pillows, etc. It's ridiculous. Just got a new (to me) kit and I have nowhere to set it up. A bunch of it is getting cut up and going into the recycling this evening. Flatten some big ones for crawling underneath the car and the like.


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I had the original boxes my drums came in from 1980, until about 3-4 years ago, when I finally got some soft cases for them. I still have one tom in its original box, a tom that I don't use currently and haven't bothered to get a case for it.


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I keep boxes for electronics but not drums. I do have a couple of boxes that cymbals shipped in. Peace and goodwill.

No Way Jose

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I keep a box for about a month in case I return the item. After a month the box gets thrown out because I don't have much room for storage.


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Flat pack them and keep - if you ever decide to sell anything, 'still in original box' can sometimes even add to the price.