Do you feel underappreciated?


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Let me tell you guys a story-true story-about a guitarist I once knew. This guitarist was uber experienced gigging, recording touring, even earned an MFA in performance from I don't know some consrevatory or university. When he quit the business of gigging, recording and touring he got married, had kids and opened a very successful music shop selling guitars, basses and amps. He told me and I quote him "I hate drummers, have no use or desire to spend any time with a drummer since they're all conceited, self-important jerks". I did not admit to him that I played drums. I was afraid to tell him.

Have any of you met anyone like this?
Never, nor have i met a drummer that fits his description of them... sounds like yet another guy that let a woman and kids destroy all happiness in his life and is bitter now :(


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I think it happens to a lot of people in all walks of life and many jobs. I have 15 years of service that just ended to prove it.
This is so true. I think if you are waiting for a pat on the back for a lot of things we do you are going to be disappointed. I doubt that is why we are doing what we do in the first place anyway. Keep that in mind and you won't be disappointed, bitter or angry.


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If I'm playing with a group of guys and I get the tired old drummer jokes we've all heard a billion times, then I know I'm doing a good job and appreciated. As odd as that sounds. :)