Do bandmates throw coins on your cymbals?

Meat the beat

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I'm pretty harsh on anybody who throws, touches or even looks at my Zildjians in the wrong way... I'd ask them to throw dollar bills!!!!! :-D


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Well maybe I should lighten up about it, then. But if I owned a pretty lacquer finish and that coin took a bounce and put a nick in it, my "kick in the nuts" response stands :)
Ooh, you're a hard man, Godfather :)

Agreed, throwing coins likely isn't going to do much damage. As long as it had some use contributing to the show and worked out with my permission in advance, I wouldn't have a problem with it.
That would spoil the fun - the whole idea is that it's a playful jibe. Still, I'm with Meat on the dollar bills idea ...

It isn't that exciting. When Rocco did it to David, it was a barely audible ting sound.
How did he throw it? Seems like it was more a little flip than a baseball throw.


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2nd that. Anyone pullin' that crap around me, I'd be firing a drumstick back at 'em fast.​
Same here, if my guitarist would try to throw coins or hit my cymbals with the headstock he'll have to spend the rest of the session dodging my sticks (and I usually have a full brick with me at any time :-D )