Do any of you have a Drumming Website?


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Anyone have a professional drumming website for your drumming skills or
to show off your skills/portfolio for gigs?

I'd love to see.

I used to have one way back in the day but I didn't take much care of it.


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I've had a static site for maybe 17 years, it's been through a few slight changes, but isn't optimized (for compatibility on mobile devices.) It's really just there as a resume and for reference, although I do have files of various styles that I've recorded (also not updated in a few years.) There's all sorts of stuff there if you have 15 minutes to peruse. :)

Check me out at


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Sure, I've been writing a drumming blog, CRUISE SHIP DRUMMER!, steadily for about six years. It's primarily dedicated to jazz, funk, and Latin drumming. There's got to be more free downloadable practice material and transcriptions than any other site on the internet, certainly more than any other site written by one person. Generally the materials are pretty advanced, but there are things for players of all levels.

I also have a personal music website which just has info about me, my group, my records, reviews, tour info, tour posters/graphics, contact info, etc.


I only have a personal music website where I publish the latest noise that I'm making. Anything I know about drums is already saturated on the web so no point in me doing one too.

I play most instruments, just not very well, then I get my band-mates to play them properly and I put the drums to it. I'm all about the improvisation and all my music comes from my ear (well not literally!)