Direct Inguinal Hernia Surgery-drumming life after?


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Hi, all!

I have a direct inguinal hernia. It doesn't hurt and surgery is optional, though the doc advised I do it while I'm younger. I play in two bands, one is like the Beatles and the other is a pretty up tempo psych rock group that has some chop heavy parts.

Can anyone give some advice with personal experience regarding a full recovery after a direct inguinal hernia surgery? I feel fairly knowledgable about generalities of what to expect and general recovery time with regards to swelling, pain, no lifting, stabbing pains, etc, but when we're you able to start drumming again? Practice pad to kit to full on rehearsal/shows? What about carrying your gear?

I'm not scared of the surgery itself, just scared of how much time off will be required. I've heard of a few cases of chronic fatigue after a surgery but it seems this is a rarity, though of course always possible with any type of surgery.

Thanks in advance for any insight. And remeber, when you rehearse next door to a mom with a three year old, you're "drumming on the brain."



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It takes some weeks before you're supposed to lift anything and you should wisely follow that instruction. After my surgery my band and wife helped out with loading, unloading gear, and setting up some of the gear. They were understanding and I was playing in very little time. Downside is a lot of people I know that had this surgery still feel pain from time to time from the scar tissue around the repair material/mesh. 7 years and I still do.


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I have had two hernia surgeries done. One was inguinal. It is done primarily as an outpatient surgery. In early in the morning and out that afternoon. Recovery can vary as far as getting around but lifting, a bass drum or hardware bag is a no-no for several weeks. It will vary with the surgery and the patient. Most times they will put a surgical mesh in during the srugery to strenghten the abdominal wall which is good down the road. Talk to your doctor or surgeon and see what they say about recovery. I don't want to mislead.

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The bass drum pedal is trouble for me - it puts strain on my abdominal area. It's been three years since my surgery and even now I take a break after an hour of playing. Sometimes I don't use the bass drum much, just play snare and cymbals.

After about a month maybe you can lift 10 pounds. That's good enough to go to the supermarket and buy a gallon of milk. Maybe after three months you might lift up to 20 pounds. I'd wait a year before lifting 30 pounds. Three years after surgery 33 pounds is my limit. Lots of guys busted loose inside again. I didn't, maybe because I respect my limits.

Before you have surgery move anything off the floor that you might step and slip on. Slipping or tripping on stiff is one way to bust yourself open. Buy smaller, lighter containers of milk and food so you won’t stress yourself taking stuff out of the refrigerator. The first three weeks after surgery are the most vulnerable. The drugs made me silly. Don’t drive for a few weeks following surgery.


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Are you having open surgery or a Laparoscopy? That will make a difference in your recovery too. Generally speaking, you should expect to be fully recovered after about 6-8 weeks.


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Are you having open surgery or a Laparoscopy? That will make a difference in your recovery too. Generally speaking, you should expect to be fully recovered after about 6-8 weeks.
Thanks for the insights guys.

Dodeska, as far as which type, I'm not sure. At this point just doing my research. So far, it's sounding like I'll hold off until I'm not playing as much or until some advancements are made with the surgery process. It's not mandatory now, doesn't hurt, and would be primarily cosmetic (lose the bump). I'd rather not deal with pain and physical limitations the rest of my life to do something that's optional. But, I'm still researching and haven't closed the door on it. I know there's gotta be some people out there that have recovered 100% and don't have any lingering issues.

Thanks again guys!


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I recovered probably 100%.
My inguinal hernia was huge and I couldn't walk or stand for more than about five minutes before I was in pain. That lasted about four months before I got the operation.

Recovery is apparently different for everyone.
My operation was at 6PM and I was home at about 9:30 PM.
I felt already a little better the next day.

When I asked the surgeon how long I need to take it easy, he said lift whatever and whenever you want. It'll be better than new.

I could feel the mesh for about a year, but I only feel it now, probably five years later, after I do ab training.

Leg day at the gym was mellow for a long time, but I'm up to heavy squats and deadlifts with no problems. I just pay a little more attention to not having it happen again on the other side.

I got the hernia from lunge exercises.

Your groin will look like a horror show for a few weeks.

They woke me up while I was being stitched up. It felt like he was lacing a boot.

Say something funny when you wake up. All they ever hear is "how'd it go?"