Did that country gig: recap


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Thanks to all who responded to my sudden country drumming query a couple weeks back.

The artist is Shawn Williams, a talented singer and songwriter out of New Orleans.
We had one practice and the gig the next day.

It was a TON of fun, was well received, and I am humbled to have been able to play with my pal Michael as well.

I ended up bringing a '70 Slingerland 3-piece, hi hat, and an 18" Paiste 602 I scored just last week.
I flub bed here and there but nothing anyone can really complain about with one rehersal.
The only thing I would do different is bring different hats. My '70s New Beats were way too cutting and something darker would have sat way better in the mix.

Thanks again.
Keep saying yes to gigs, folks. You might just have a good time, no matter the genre!


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Good that it went well and was a fun gig. I enjoy playing country. I got a hanker for some country.