Did Derrick Pope pass away?


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Yep. I learned more from Derrick Pop on how to hold a stick than I did from any of the 'play like me' DVDs I've purchased over the years. Glad he's OK and happy.

His videos are still on Youtube, and you are right. They were the easiest to understand and he never tried to teach anything he didn't have mastered.


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I remember watching some of his videos. he explained things so I could understand what he meant. Good drummer, and down to earth.

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I have often wondered about the whereabouts of Derrick Pope as well. I hope someone can find out that he is all good.
I've wondered about him as well. One of the first drummers I saw in the early days of youtube. He mentioned having some health issues in one of his videos but didn't say what it was.

However, that rapid weight loss makes me wonder if he has a form of cancer.