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Hey so my band are going to play "for whom the bell tolls" by metallica, and the song has a church bell in it which really gives it the doom effect. How do I achieve this? Is there an accessory/method I could use to make the sound of a church bell, or do I have to steal one from a local church, beg the club owner to let me hang it off the ceiling, and hire some bum to hit it?

What sounds like a church bell?


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Steal a bell from a church?'re surely joking,but if your not....there would be huge Karmic payback for that.Most church "bells" today are electronic and use driver horns.Real bells are usually quite large and heavy,so if your going to boost a bell..bring a bunch of friends.The one in my church weighs 1,200 pounds.

It seem like a sound sample played through the P.A.will be less work,and keep you and your friends out of jail.

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Easiest approach would be use a sample triggered by a pad. Bermuda from Weird Al's band does this because it's easier than bringing well trained farm animals on stage.

I doubt that stealing church bells will attract bad karma since they were effectively bought with our taxes via religion's tax-free status.


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Every band I've ever seen do a cover of Whom the Bell Tolls uses a sample, either off a pad or a keyboard or backing track.


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It would have to be a sample.

I can happily say that in the UK, we still have plenty of real church bells. I say happily but when you live within a mile radius of a cathedral like I used to...


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How do you acquire a sample and which sampler would you guys recommend to trigger the acquired sample off the sampler? ;-)