Desert Island Drums


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I gotta be honest... My first thought was "something by Joe Morello". But I realized all of those clips would be under 5 minutes....

Moby Dick live clocks in at over 15!



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You're stuck on a desert island. You're allowed to have one drum part to listen to while you're there. It can be a solo, a groove, a song, whatever.

What's your choice?

This is mine.

Hairs on the back of my neck stand up, every single time.
Wasn't expecting that! I used to watch Z Cars as a kid.

My desert island is probably Pamela by Toto, Once In a Lifetime by Talking Heads, or Stuff Like That by Quincy Jones.


Mine would also be Tool but Jambi.... or maybe Lateralus.... or possibly Forty Six & 2. Impossible to pick one.

I'll go for When The Levee Breaks!! LOL
Agreed, well difficult. I went for Pushit due to some of the lyrics:

"I am somewhere I don't wanna be"