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Does anyone know how Ddrum drum sets are? Or has anyone had experience with this brand? I was looking to buy one of their sets once I save up for it. Here is a link-http://www.amazon.com/Ddrum-Reflex-Ice-Blue-Piece/dp/B004LCXNAM/ref=pd_sim_sbs_MI_1

or this set-http://www.amazon.com/Ddrum-Reflex-Pewter-Piece-Shell/dp/B004LCRKQU/ref=pd_sim_sbs_MI_1

They probably wont be in stock by the time I get the money but if this brand is any good, I would look further into buying Ddrum products. Just let me know if anyone has anything to say about Ddrum products. Thanks!


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There are several threads about ddrum, and poor hardware is a recurring theme. I would agree that there are much better choices for just a little more money. You get what you pay for.



I have the Journeyman Rambler(?),1up 2 down.
Great kit.I'm a newby,but played many kits in my 30yrs of guitar work.
I use only used HD stuff,Gibraltrer is the best;solid.for the price.


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At the urging of a close friend I purchased my daughter a new ddrum Ash Pocket kit years ago for her first kit. The only major issue we encountered with it was the front of the kick drum was slightly out of round and replacement reso heads were so tight they wouldn't seat very well. We sold the factory ddrum hardware and replaced everything with DW hardware and we also replaced all the factory heads right away (but we planned on doing both of these from the start). On the plus side, the shell sizes were perfect for my daughter, she loved the finish and I really liked the sound of the ash shells. I also had no issue selling the shell kit when my daughter stopped playing (it sold in 30 minutes on eBay).

If I had it to do it all over again I would have purchased a used, higher end kit for my daughter.

My two cents is I think you might be happier in the long run putting your money into a different brand, higher end shell package and then purchasing whatever brand hardware you prefer.


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Ive had the DDRUM reflex in white and loved it at first. I put EC2 over evans g1. and emad on the bass. The best drum was the snare and the bass honestly. Boomy bass and a nice crack from the snare with little ring. Then one day I decided to inspect a little closer and noticed that the bearing edges were rough and chipped on some toms and the snare. After maybe 4 months the plies split apart from my snare drum! Thats when I sold the kit. I would go for a higher end ddrum some day but not anytime soon.


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I am not a fan of Ddrum. I am not very fond of how they sound (i play a journeyman kit at work and have done a fair bit of tinkering with that and have played the other lines when i last went out drum shopping) and think that apart from a few of the 13x7 snares that other manufacturers midline kits/snares sound better or are easier to get to the tunings/sounds i like. The hardware i would avoid at all cost. It is poorly made and though it will do the job i personally like to have something of higher quality that i dont have to worry about breaking. As it is the place i work at has had to replace the high hat stand 3 times after renting out the room to other drummers.