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Hey all,

After a long time debating and researching i finally picked up another drum kit. It's a DDrum Dios Maple (pocket). At first i was skeptical of Ddrum, they seem to get a bad rep sometimes. I just wanted to let you all know that i will be posting a honest and full review on this kit to anyone who is debating ddrum. I have a ludwig epic x-over which i love and am totally satisfied with, so if i am not pleased with these drums im not going to be to disappointed and am going to be honest.

Anyway, in the meantime, does anyone have any experience with the Ddrum dios maple kits? I'd love to hear what to expect as i bought this drumset basically blind (it was only 600 bucks). If nothing else, the finish looks solid! haha heres a pic.



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Ok so i got the kit the other day and have had a chance to put some hours behind it. sizes are 20x20, 12x8, 14x12, 14x13... no snare drum.

First off my overall impression is that the kit sounds good and is built solid. I have been using the heads it came with, Evans G plus and Eq4 on the bass.

Ok, i have to say off the bat that comparing this to my ludwig X-over (walnut/ poplar/walnut) that this drum set isnt on the same level. The drums are harder to tune and just dont have the same tuning capabilites as my ludwigs. That being said, it is still easy to tune and does allow for a small margin of tuning ranges in which it sounds good. I found that the 12" rack is the easiest to tune and overall best sounding drum.

The 14" floor is a close second, but it seems like you have to get this thing tuned spot on or it just isnt going to sound that appealing. That being said, i was able to find its "sweet spot" and couldnt be happier. The 16" floor tom is suprisingly relatively easy to tune. This is odd because every other drum set i have owned, i always take a solid hour or two just to get the bigger floor tom to sound the way i like.

Alright i have to say that the bass drum doesnt impress me.... but i am not giving up on it yet. For starters it came with a port in the reso which i usually despise, and an EQ4 on batter which i have little experience with. I am a huge fan of the EMAD and plan on putting on this along with ordering a non ported reso. Im convinced that this drum will satisfy me once these adjustments are made.

The overall sound of these drums compared to other maples in its range (cat maples, pearl vmx) is close but i really do believe these drums do have just a little edge on the others i have played. I am a big fan of darker sounding heads (pinstripes, EC2's) and i plan on putting these heads on it.

As far as looks go i couldnt be happier. I am a sucker for sparkle finishes and i absoultely love the sparkle laquer on this set. Also the tube lugs make it distinct and make it look more "high end" The mounting hardware and bass drum spurs etc seem kinda generic though. Also i inspected the bearing edges and they seem to be absolutely flawless.

CONCLUSION: Basically i am convinced that the bad rap DDrum has recieved from some is just a fluke. I dont know if i would pay the full 995 retail for these, but if you can get them for 6-750 id say its a good deal. I bought these as a pracitce/ gig set and they are going to serve my purpose fine and i dont see replacing these anytime soon. I have to say again though that the ludwig Epic X-over (which i have seen few people have on here) blow these out of the water. Hope this helps anyone who is debating purchasing a ddrum dios maple kit.

Here's some pics of it set up


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Those Ddrums dios kits sound really good....ive played one and loved it.They sound fantastic! Soon ill probably buy the red sparkle 2 up, one down kit ...for the money you can't beat it. One thing for me though, is the bass drum size. I like 20 and 22 diameter drums, but not ones in the super deep length. To me, its really hard to get a great tone because of the air not moving quickly enough.( Just like what Bob gatzen was showing). I have a heavy foot and do a fair amount of double bass, but I prefer the punch and responsiveness of the 18x20, 16x22 rather than a 20x20 or 20x22. Just my 2c.? how do you like the one on your kit?


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I'm the opposite i like the deeper bass. I have a 22x20 on my ludwig and am a big fan of 20x20 like the one on the dios


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I have ddrum maple duo fade toms. 7x10 7x12 12x14.
I bought them to use with a kit that I was putting together.

I am very happy with the toms.
They are good sounding drums. They are loud and punchy
The 12x14 floor tom is a bit weird to tune, You are right!


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I have yet to play the Dios.. I did however just purchase a ddrum Reflex. I am so impressed with this kit that when it comes time for a second kit, ddrum (Dios) will be at the top of the list to check out.


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I had (2) Ddrum Dominion kits which were awesome. My next kit was to be a Dio's but out of 7 shops I called no one wanted to order the kit I wanted. You would think in this economy they would have wanted to make a sale. Anyway you really want them drum better than they are now.. ? send the toms to Precision Drum and have the edges re-cut. I did this to my dominions only cause the tom had a bad edge. When I got them back they were different drums and tuned easy and sound even better than before. It didn't cost much to do even with shipping.

Good luck with the kit!


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That stinks that your local shop wouldnt order you what you wanted! I might have looked to another dealer if possible.
IMHO.. since ddrum has appointed new folks to head up the division, they have set their sights on buiilding a quality product.


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That's a really great looking kit! My DW Collectors and TAMA Starclassic Performers both have 22"x18" kicks, so my Crush Sublime kit with it's 22"x20" kick isn't that much different. I have NO problems getting thunderous sound out of any of the 3.


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I have questions: 1.) I want to know exactly what does kit come with, although there's no equipment to it but for the tom tom? 2.) I want to know for sure it is going to be worth it? because I'm planning for these to be our church drum sets. I looked at the Pearl's and Gretsch but it's usually a mounted tom on the bass.. and I'm looking for toms that hold on the stand so give me a heads up on it, and thanks for showing the picture it looks nicer than I thought it would!