Dave Weckl Newly Released Interview 1983 Pt. 1

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Dave Weckl Newly Released Interview 1983 Pt. 1

SKF NOTE: If I had time to post this entire interview on Drummerworld, I would. I'm dividing the original transcript into blog size posts, but I won't wear out my welcome here by posting FYI's here with each new installment of this Dave Weckl interview.

This is the first installment of the complete transcript of my 1983 interview with Dave Weckl for Modern Drummer. MD published a much shorter version of this interview in April 1984 as an Up and Coming profile of Dave Weckl, which still holds up well. Here’s the back story.

Dave Weckl was age 23 when we met for this interview. He was living in Bridgeport, CT getting ready to go on tour with Simon and Garfunkel — arguably the first major gig that put Weckl on the map. As of this writing, Weckl is age 56, making this a full-length discussion with one of today's major drummers more than half a lifetime ago.

Perhaps all the Weckl points of interest here have already been covered in subsequent interviews with other music writers. Perhaps not.

Thanks to the internet I am able, for the first time, to include in this interview linked*references to people and music Dave Weckl mentions.

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Thank you! I remember when that interview originally came out.

Also, as a kid, I absolutely LOVED "Pete Fountain presents Jack Sperling". I used to listen to that over and over and over and over.