Dave Letterman's Drum Solo Week


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Couldn't find any thread (surprised).

Catch Letterman this week if possible. Anton kicked off Monday night with a solo (very cool) ending Thursday night with Neil Peart on his sick Time Machine kit.


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Sheila E was disappointing.
I can't believe she plays in those spike heels. She's definitely heel up.


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Roy Haynes is Wednesday night, I believe--woo hoo!

I missed Sheila E.'s solo tonight, and Anton's wasn't anything to write home about.

If Peart does his overused "Rhythm Method" solo on Thursday, I'll be pissed.


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Here on the West Coast, Letterman still isn't on for another hour and 1/2.
And a little further west than that, it comes on about midnight (a day behind of course). For some bizzare reason I found myself watching it last night. Can't stand the show to be honest.......way too much wankery for my tastes. But as I was reaching for the remote happy to send DL on his way, he mentioned the drum solo week. I waited.....and waited......and waited, until I could wait no more and turned him off before I slotted myself. Alas, I missed Anton in the process.

At what point in the program do the solos occur? I'd really like to watch, but just the drumming, not the rest of it.


The solos happen at about the last 6 minutes of the show. Letterman made a comment tonight about Anton Fig performing last evening under some sort of physical duress.



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But now that I have kids, I'm almost never up that late.
HA! I hear you mate.

I actually continue to work into the night......admittedly it's phone calls made from home but nonetheless I'm always up until at least 1-ish local time (damned Englishmen...why can't they work respectable Aussie hours??). It accounts for my addiction to DW and my current unemployability for a regular gig.....so I was hoping a good solo or two may carry me through. Unfortunately, even the promise of something enjoyable wasn't enough for me to sit through the rest of the program. :)


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As I stated above, ROY HAYNES is apparently scheduled for Wednesday!!!

He'll take Fig, Sheila, and Peart x 10 to school and back!!!

What's with Sheila E. using Zildjian A Custom cymbals? I thought she left Zildjian for Agop? Hence the Om Series of Agop.

Oops--I was thinking of Cindy Blackman's Om cymbals, but I could have sworn Sheila was also with Zildjian. I guess she just went from Paiste to Zildjian and stayed.
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Not to be too critical, I like Sheila E. She's a great player and musician, but her drum solo stuff is not my cup of tea. She did basically the same kinda' thing on the 2005 Modern Drummer Festival DVD - all these flurries (or should I say blurries?) and then a groove, and then some vocaling into the mic, more blurries....my wife did not dig the short dress and playing drumset and made the comment that she should start dressing her age!


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She's brave to play drums in that skimpy dress though.
Very brave, I thought. I was kinda holding my breath, almost dreading another camera angle, for her sake.

PS- Nice to see the 'drummer get some' for a change,con national tv. Looking forward to #3 Mr. Jazz guy...



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....my wife did not dig the short dress and playing drumset and made the comment that she should start dressing her age!
Wow, that was a close call! Weird gear to wear while drumming. I only ever drum in pants because of the spread factor (pants are much more comfy and convenient for almost everything, anyway). Depressingly, Sheila is older than I am.

With some exceptions, I'm not a big drum solo fan and neither of those solos did it for me, even though they're very skilled. Not too much grooving or interesting textures going on. I'd have preferred hearing them play with the band. Hope the Roy Haynes solo makes it on to the Tube; I expect he'll lift the bar musically.

No idea how Sheila plays amazing to play in 6" spike heels - I can't even walk in them. I think of them as modern day foot binding.


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Sheila E's solo wasn't all that amazing, and what's with the dress?
Fig's solo was better, but lacked finesse.
Can't wait until Roy's solo.


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I can't wait for Roy Haynes either. I suspect he will be the best solo.

The others didn't really do it for me. Sure, they did stuff that I can't play, but neither solo seemed to have much form, just a lot of repetitive licks.