Daniel Glass Century Project


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Anyone else yet watched Daniel Glass's Century Project DVD? I just got it last week and watched the first DVD on a flight. Personally, I think it's brilliant, and I can't wait to watch the second DVD. I'm a beginning drummer, and besides learning how to play, I'm also trying to learn as much as I can about drummers, styles, and history. I found that Daniel's approach to history is really novel. It's entertaining and informative watching him play old musical styles on vintage kits that match the era of the music. So for anyone else who's interested in this stuff, I highly recommend the DVD, and a personal thanks to Daniel for making it. Cheers,

-- Bobby


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I'm glad there's some feedback re this DVD as I've been thinking about buying the other one in the series (Traps: The Incredible Story of Vintage Drums). Looks like I might have to buy both in time for Xmas!


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I just ordered Traps as well. I have to say that I'm surprised that there's been no other mention of these DVDs in these forums.


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Daniel Glass should be commended for his passion for drum history.

Gotta love a guy who's wise enough to give props to the drummer for the oft-forgotten 70s soft rock band Firefall. :)

Can't wait to get the DVD.