Dan Brubeck....son of you know who.


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I just picked up The Brubeck Brothers Quartet cd Intuition from 2006. Holy bejeezus! These guys can play! I thought maybe they where a couple of young up and comers (brother Chris on bass) but it turns out these guys are in their 50's with an impressive body of work. Have I been living in a cave?

Here is some nice brush work.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PPaDZ-lX8hg


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I was recently turned on by Dave Brubeck (for enjoyment as contrast to the musical studying I had done on his quartet) and man, anyone with "(First name) BRUBECK" is now my idol. Incredible family of musicians!


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Yeah Dan Brubeck is a monster. Until last month I was doing a lot of work with oldest brother pianist Darius until he moved back to London. All the Brubeck brothers are serious guys and NICE guys. There is a great video on youtube featuring all of them at the Kennedy Center Awards when they honored Dave on American CBS Television.