Custom drum companies - what do you want?


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they must have good advertising to make me covet the drum kit.

after seeing the FORD DRUMS poster that said.....The Ferrari of drums.... i went to the website
and then really wanted one for a good hour, then my common sense and drum knowledge
kicked back in and i went back to wanting the solid shell beauty that is Craviotto drums.

advertising really does have an effect on all of us. im not saying advertising will cause you to
to pick a lesser quality company or set. but when you have 2 kits that are top of the line , advertising COULD
be the reason you go with one company over the other.


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A lot has been written about custom drum companies, from overpriced to bad business practices.

Just an informal survey here, but what would you like to see in a custom drum company?

Excellent Customer service?
Fair Prices?
Finishes and wraps?
Excellent Communication?
Outstanding Quality?

What else?

Does Branding have anything to do with a Custom drum?


I want ALL of that, AND a company that makes THEIR OWN SHELLS!!!!