Curious about value of President kit, Pearl is silent.

I sent an email to Pearl about a week ago, asking if they had more info about the '68 President kit I got a while back. I'm trying to find an approximate value, considering the condition of the drums, the rare badge and finish, all that jazz. Like I said, it's been over a week since I heard from them. Sent a follow-up email, with still no reply. Does anybody know long do they typically take to respond?

Original thread with more about the drums:

Any help appreciated. Thanks :)


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Your email was probably received by an overworked cust servce rep who is paid to sell kits and gear, not to make friends and chat about someone's vintage kit durng office hours. Sorry to sound harsh :)
Drummerworld is a better place to ask the question.

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If you're close to one, I'd suggest taking the kit to one of the many drum shows around the country. We just had the Hollywood Drum Show this past weekend in Los Angeles, there would've been at least a few people who could speculate closer to what the kit would be worth. But like alot of rare vintage gear, it's worth whatever anybody decides they want to pay. If you posted it as an auction on eBay, seeing how high the bidding goes would be as good a guess as any.

Some drums have good re-sale value, and others, no matter how technically great they are, lose all their value as soon as you buy it.


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You might be able to get some basics if the person who read your email has access to old catalogs or detailed company history. But the value of used gear is subjective, ever-changing, and ultimately determined by the person buying it. It's not something most companies would (or should) determine or verify.

You'll get more useful info from within the drumming community on forums like this,, and there are undoubtedly several Pearl groups on Facebook that should be helpful.



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How would a rep from Pearl know the current market value of a vintage kit? I doubt they will ever answer you. There isn't a Kelley Blue Book for drums. Like these guys have said, you're going to need to do some homework. You can always do what other people do on EBay, start high and keep dropping the price until you get a bid. Good luck.
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You have to be realistic writing a rep at Pearl. They are not responsible for valuing a nearly 50 year old kit. Not surprised they are silent or that your emails went into a deep abyss.
The 'current' approximate value is $300, the price you paid for them. There are many MIJ kits around, some in tip top shape like yours, and I concur some can sound excellent. But where I live that kit would be priced for no more than $4-500. Not sure it would get that.
I suggest you contact the Vintage Drum forum, lots of folks there would know.


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You paid $300 .... that seems fair for a clean, vintage MIJ kit. You might be able to find a collector who just has to have it, and will pay more ...... however, you also might not. If all you want to do is assign some value to the kit ...... $500's a nice number. You won't really know until you try to sell it.​


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I doubt anyone currently working at Pearl would be all that familiar with a kit from 1968.

Gene would have been your best bet for information, but he retired from Pearl several years ago now.

But as mentioned, no one at any manufacture can tell you what a vintage kit is worth. It's not their place to do so.

Nor does it matter how rare it may be, the value is in how desirable it is. And a late 60's Pearl drum set has limited appeal.

If you willing paid $300 for it, then that's what it's value at. I highly doubt anyone would pay more.