Cruise Ship Drummer! 2011 in review


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Happy 2012, everyone- I've just posted a 2011 retrospective at the blog, with links to most of the substantial posts from last year. I invite you to come on by- it's ended up being a ton of interviews, transcriptions, exercise downloads, and longer essay-type pieces, and with the links (most of them, anyway) all in one place it's good opportunity to root around in the archives.


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i'm a distant fan and i looked at your page again today. i don't really have time to be even a good forum member so don't be offended-the distance ain't personal. i don't know if i'll get to buying your cd but gainsbourg has always been real interesting to me for some reason. you're sort of an overachiever. hope you continue to do great in 2012!!
I just wanted to say Thanks to Mr. Bishop. You consistently post fascinating,thought provoking material and stimulating transcriptions and exercises. I love your book reviews, and at your recommendation I have checked out Rothman's "Compleat Jazz Drummer" which will challenge me for years and years to come.

So cheers, your contributions are genuinely appreciated.


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Thanks, you guys!

Jerome- Thanks for the kind words, and I hope CJD lives up to the recommendation. I want to write up some practice methods for it, but so few people own it I need to figure out how to make it worthwhile- maybe Rothman will let me post some excerpts. A couple of things I've been doing with it: pp. 122-151 with an afro 6/8 cymbal pattern. It's freaking hard- I haven't covered the whole section by any means. Another one is to use the 16th note patterns on pp. 213-227 as 8th notes along with an uptempo jazz ride and hihat.

Andrew- Likewise, absolutely! I need to digest and link to some of your stuff- I've been remiss...

IWMM- No man, I just hack away at it and over time it adds up to something, if I'm lucky- thanks for reading!


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I love your blog, I spent all night reading through the year summary, reread some stuff like the Alan Dawson interview and found some post that I had missed like the making money in jazz article.


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nice article man, quite a few of my mates are off on the cruises atm, they seem to love it, not sure i could hack being on a ship!