Crowd Emotion


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I just posted on a blog about emotions when drumming and came up with the idea for this thread. What do you guys think about crowd emotion? Does it influence your playing, like does it pump you up or bring you down kind of? I feel like the whole music show is something thats shared by two people. The musician making the music and the person on the floor listening to the music. I feel like its a two way conversation and when the crowd isn't into it it makes it harder to have that perfect gig you know? I know most people play for themselves and for the love they have for the art.. I do too but the crowd definitely affects the mood.

What do you guys think about it?


Yes, a crowd certainly makes a difference, when you start if they don't even move, its kinda deflating. But, even at that, if they cheer loudly after the first song, it brings it all back. I play more for the crowd, and my bandmates than myself. I have home rehearsal to do things for myself. An enthusiastic crowd certainly inspires a bit more showmanship on my end. We have ended up with a couple ghost crowds before, depending on the town, and venue. Then we sort of treat it like a rehearsal..heh.


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its a two way thing. you don't want to be all 'stadium drummer' like in front of a seated crowd of twenty who would rather be chatting than listen to a band. but if you play the audience like a fish on a line you can turn a cold crowd into a stomping one. its all about song selection and gradual build of excitment and emotion with you as the entertainer being always slightly more than the audience. its a balancing act. Most days i get it right's down to experience, luck (if you have an audience with a few party groups - stag nights etc) and the phase of the moon.