Creaking bass drum pedal spring


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My bass drum pedal has been creaking lately and it's been driving me crazy.

I finally narrowed the creaking down to the spring.

It's a newish Tama double pedal - and the creaking happens when I used my left (slave) pedal.

Any ideas how to eliminate the creaking would be appreciated.



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If it's a creak on the spring, then it's likely to be on the pivot points so maybe a bit of vaseline on the hook ends of the spring will do it


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Use an appropriate grease or machine oil. WD40 is too thin and won't lubricate as well. Wouldn't use vaseline either, a proper lubricant will lubricate better and last longer.


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I suggest a quality bicycle chain lubricant on the spring. (graphine based, I believe - go with the product they sell at your favorite bicycle shop and apply very lightly per instructions)

Be sure to get it inside the occluded areas of the spring wind .(the parts pressing together when the spring is at a resting point).