Crash Cymbal on Each Side of Hi-Hat


tried this the other night and it just looks and feels BAD ASS to turn a bit to the left and crash them both simultaneously! Try'll be surprised

Lunar Satellite Brian

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I would, but I only have three crashes.....

I have tried with a china to the left though, does it have to be a crash? China's are more metal any ways.

Yeah.. China's on either side of the hats would be even better.


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I had a crash I didn't really use set up to the left of my set. It was surprisingly easy to hit and I did actually use it several times.
I have 4 crashes left of center.

What is the big deal.

You don't have to ghost your left hand on the snare your entire drumming career, its overrated.

That left hand in a lead role "off the snare" makes for better fills and odd signature transitions.

When that happens, the right hand can "fill the gap", when necessary to fill the mix
within the space.