Craigslist WTF?


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Don't forget it did have a soft and somewhat retractable handle which will lay flush. A selling point if ever there was one. So many of the eBay ones don't have that remarkable feature.
It also comes in handy when your car is so full, that the only space available is the spare tire well. It's also permanently detachable, probably at the worst possible moment.


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Another one to the list.
This was $200 bucks back in December,now it's $300.

Oh yeah,note the price inside the ad as opposed to the title.
He just bumped the price up inside the ad again to $275.

So let me get this right,the drum has been sitting on CL for 3 months and the strategy is to raise the price in order to facilitate the sale.
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I find pricing on Bay Area craigslist to be absurd for the most part. On the rare occasion that a good deal does pop up, it disappears fast.


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Sounds like the seller is hoping those that saw it before have moved on and that the new price will appeal to new lookers. A big fail in my opinion. I saw my Renown at 900.00 when I was looking, two weeks later it was 700.00 and I jumped. I need nothing and still go look every day.