Craig Gill RIP


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I've searched for other posts on this but haven't found one. This person died on 20th November but I only found out about it today, obviously it didn't get a lot of press. Craig was the drummer of the British band Inspiral Carpets who were moderately successful in the early 1990s. They are probably more well know for being the band for whom Noel Gallagher of Oasis was a roadie.

I listened to this group as a teenager and was influenced by Craig's drumming style. In fact my old band used to give me stick for ripping him off too much. It's interesting that some of the recent post have been talking about 'musical drummers'. Craig was definitely one of these in my opinion. He had a style which was unique to him and there are some touches of creativity on some Inspiral Carpets songs that may not have come naturally to other drummers of a superior technical ability to his. Here are a couple of links to songs where this is partucularly evident. Seeing as I'm a fan, this is partcularly sad news for me, he was only 44.
A pop tune played with toms but no snare, not many of those.
This one got me practising my fast fills.


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Joined the inspirals at just 14 didn't he. Quite the Feat.

It was sad news. Nice to see so many people paying their respects in Manchester. He was a liked guy it seems.


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Late to the party as I've been away from the board for a while.

This was massive news up here in the North of England. The Inspirals are hugely loved and Craig an integral part.

There is a move which is gathering pace to have Saturn 5 Christmas number one.

Great song and cracking band.