Couple Questions

Hey guys. I just had a few questions to ask you. First off, I recently started to learn the song 'Welcome Home' by Coheed & Cambria. I'm having some trouble playing the bass drum part consistently. Is it okay to play it on a double bass drum? I guess I just feel like it's cheating.

Secondly, I was watching a video on how to increase hand/stick speed. The guy said that after you were done the exercises, the muscles towards the back of your forearms (I don't know what they're called) would start to feel tight. I have a little device my dad made for me that develops those same muscles. (I'm a pitcher.) My question is that would using that thing to strengthen those muscles increase my stick speed? Thanks, guys.


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There would be some transfer of muscle use but at times muscle groups are pretty specific to the activity in play. I'm guessing the baseball function is grip strengthening, and a baseball grip and a stick grip are much different.


Increasing your speed takes time. There is no way around it.
But there are some helpful exercises that you can use.
Play a series of 8th notes. Alternating between "hand to hand" and all one hand.
R L R L R L R L / R R R R R R R R
L R L R L R L R / L L L L L L L L

Try playing on a pillow as well.

When I am teaching my students, I tell them the best way to get better is to take a pattern that is reletively difficult and play it over and over til you commit it to memory,
then starting increasing the speed little by little.
This will start building your chops enough to play enough more complex patterns or rudiments.

Also, one trick I've used is to use heavier sticks to practice with on a pillow.
I go with marching sticks for that. Vic Firth: Thom Hannum's, Ralph Hardiman's, or Scott Johnson's.
To make them even heavier, wrap them in electrical tape.