Could I get some feedback/criticism on my band/drumming?


"Uncle Larry"
OK I'll play. My first impressions have to do with the mix, I feel the music is a little too loud in relation to the vocal. Sounds like it's EQ'd kinda hot. I like the song, but the mix detracts from the song IMO. As far as your playing, I thought the song moved along nicely, with a relaxed enough backbeat, meaning you didn't push it. You held it where it was supposed to be. That's real important to me. Your recorded drum sound, while not being great, definitely was more than acceptable and didn't sound bad to me in any way. It was average to good. Cymbals were too hot in the mix. I thought you kept the meter smooth front to back, nothing that made me cringe or wince, not even close. So overall, I can't fault your playing at all. Just master it better and you would have a nice track there. Nice work.


Nice feel. The song sounds good, but the hook would be stronger with harmony and maybe a doubling of the vocals. Guitar is way too loud. Can't hear the bass or the lyrics. Cymbals are also too loud -- the most common mistake made on demos. And the kick needs more bite. (4K) The slow ending section doesn't seem to fit. The build up to the double time is a little corny. I'd just fade on the soft section.