Cool Shuffle alternative


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Great stuff - I went to Nashville last year and saw a drummer playing something very similar in a bar. I couldn't work out what he was doing. You've explained it really well. Thanks.


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That's basically a Chicago (Texas?) shuffle, but looks cooler and is a bit less effort for the left hand! Gotta try it!


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Glad you dig it guys!

Jon, yeah, it is indeed very similar to the Texas shuffle which I played here on a gig

Texas shuffle is double the work as both hands are shuffling in unison. But yeah, this new shuffle takes the workload off the left hand and is effortless by comparison and more fun! :)
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You're speaking my language, Lee!

Righteous my man! Video (Part I), removed by user, video Part II, sick good! How can anyone not like this.


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Thanks guys. Hmm, I seemed to have accidentally deleted that explanation video and the video in post #4, but they're both back up now and all links are working. :)


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Or you could just play that note that you play with the right hNd on the snare, WITH THE LEFT. You'd be able to go much faster because you eliminate that "flick of the wrist " that you have to do.


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That's very true. You can have both in your arsenal of shuffles to choose from. This one is about playing a shuffle that feels good to play and frees up your left hand from some ghost notes because the right hand is sharing them. So it's less labour intensive for the left and allows you to be more consistent and relaxed with the backbeat.