Cool drumming devices and unsquaring


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For me the minute I think about doing something I'm sunk. I operate smoother when I'm in a semi hypnotic state, being more tuned in to the larger vibe. It doesn't mean I don't try new stuff, it just means, I have to feel it in order to attempt it. If I try and think of a slick idea, I usually fall off the track.
But that's just me.

Ever try playing an entire song without a fill?
It's hard!
I'm hearing you. I think this has to happen early on when you're working out a part. Once I'm behind the kit then my ears have to be boss or, as you say, I'm sunk. I've sunk plenty in my time and no doubt will sink again. I find that sometimes the things I do when I'm sinking come in handy on better days.

I often play songs without playing a fill, and even more often play just one or two fills, just adding some art deco cornices and a mantelpiece as features while I leave the carpet to the bassist and the others can decide on the furniture, pictures and dust collectors :) I didn't play any fills in two of the four demo tracks I posted a while ago. There were variations but no actual fills.

Drummer-ish, I like that ... the spirit of taboo. Bring it on!


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First I said, something about a slick idea, and drummerish said, he's rarely burdoned with that option (a slick idea), self deprecating humor. I'm sure he's had some.


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I tend to like fills that are broken and linear. (one of my local heros is a guy named Peter Borus who is so tasty with this stuff) More of an independent rhythmic phrase than a set pattern across the drums. As if I were playing some riff I liked on a melodic instrument. As such, I'll often start in odd places. And occasionally leave holes and then recover with some double stroke or something else to land on the 1. If you started a straight pattern in a weird place, folks might follow it and get thrown off. But when it's broken up, and the hat is still going in 4's or 8's, then it usually doesn't bother anyone. At least not anyone with a good sense of time themselves.

I also love Garabaldi's use of landing on the 2 in things like Squib Cakes.