Converting double-tom holder to single


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Hi, everyone.

Since there's not a place for this hardware question, I put it here.

Can I covert this:

To this (sort of):

I'm just thinking about rearranging my drums a little bit and wanted to know.

I'm kind of worried about taking the double-tom holder apart to try and wanted some knowledgeable opinions first.



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Pretty sure that's doable. They should slide right off the post after being unloosened. (after the mem lock is out of the way). Looks like you might need a hex head wrench. Unloosen the bottom one and tap it off with a wood handle of a hammer or something.


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Loosen the hex, unscrew the top completely. Remove top piece. Remove second piece. Put top back on.

Like any job, if you are not mechanically inclined, get a white towel and place the removed pieces from top left to bottom right so that you know the re-assembly order in case it doesn't work out.


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I use to have this holder. Just remove the top wing nut, pull off the left arm and that's it. It will still have the threaded post sticking up but it will be a single tom holder. This is nuts and bolts stuff. Not complicated.