Confused New York Drummer Needs Direction


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Well first of all, time is not of the essence! There is no age that says you cant be a pro anymore. I dont really care what you hear about people just being out of school and making it huge, theres no time limit on when you can be playing music professionally. You could get a huge gig when youre 60, it doesnt matter.

On to schools, UNT is a big jazz school, unless it has programs Im unaware of, so are a lot of places in New York that you hear about. Check out the audition guidelines and figure out whats up. If you wanna be fluent in jazz, work work work work work (youve got time) and kill those auditions. If you dont, I would check out DC, Musicians Institute, Berklee, etc. North Texas is great for that, its really big and A LOT of competition (from what Ive heard from people that are attending). The downside is, as a drummer landing a spot in the big bands is toooouuuuugggghhh, so you will have to really shed and get your stuff together if you wanna makie the best of it (which is good, nothing is better than getting the snot kicked out of you every once in a while).

Like everyone else is saying, play with people as much as you can, and people that are better than you. I took a few lessons from Gregg Bissonette and he told me "You never wanna be the best player in the band, then youre not learning anything." But go to jams, really cut your teeth with people, try and find people to play with, its the best thing you can do for yourself.
very useful thank you. I find that as I do more auditions, I get considerably better at them. The problem is that, there is only so much in my life that I have to audition for. Leading to the problem that I'm still not exactly where I want to be with auditions, but have no where to go to fix it. I had that problem at the Berklee Five Week. If I had auditioned well and showed my true ability, I would've landed atleast one or two of the blow out ensembles, but because my audition went odd, I didn't get placed exactly where I should've.