Comparative weights of quality kits


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That's going to be tough comparison. Tama rim mounts are pretty heavy, as are the cast hoops. Their lugs are fairly light, but definitely not the lightest. DW lugs weigh a ton, but the shells without rerings are light as a feather. Yamaha lugs are among the lightest and depending on the line, the hoops will be standard. Probably the lightest all around I've ever picked up.

There's the ones I can think of in mainstream lines that our the most different from Tama.


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Yeah... hard to say without people who own both. The zinc die-cast hoops and heavy Star-cast mounting will not help the cause, though.


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My 20 kick, 12 rack,14 floor Starclassic Maple kit is one of my favourites in my collection, but also the heaviest. Shells are thin but the mounts and particularly the spurs are quite substantial. The 12 rack with the Starcast mount is heavier than the 14 floor. That is one of the reasons I have the kit though. That hardware has been through hell and back with no signs of wear or pitting.

A few more from my little collection:

Yamaha Maple Custom after the Tama SCM due to light weight die cast hoops, but thick shells.

DW Collector's is fairly light. Maybe tied with the Yamaha. Thin shells but somewhat heavy lugs.

Ludwig Giglite is, as you would imagine, very light.

All of my vintage stuff is much lighter than all of the above. The vintage kit I use the most is a 64 Ludwig, and they are a joy to move around compared to most of my other kits.

There are several more, but hopefully this is an adequate comparison.


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Stage Customs are very light. Every time I lift a bass drum I'm amazed at how easy it is compared to my Premier kit in the exact same sizes.

Gretsch Renowns are supposedly heavy.

I guess die cast rims, rims mounts, bass drum blocks and thick shells all contribute to this.


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The lightest kit I have owned was the Tama Silverstar. Really Lightweight, except for the tom arms.
I think that the rims are really important to gain weight, thin shells unsupported, light weight tom fixing and bass spurs.