Club Date project begins


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Darn near all the parts are here. Meaning, I think I have 'em all, but .... sometimes yes, sometimes not so much. Won't truly know until I go "darn, I'm missing something"!​
My start is with 3 drums. 12x8, 14x14, and 26x14 (yeah, it's not a Club Date, yet). All Ludwig 3 ply.​



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Great project! Gotta love 26" bass drums. What are you thinking of doing finish-wise?


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Is it going to be a 'strip-back and re-finish' job? I did something similar a few months ago to a bass drum - it was fantastically rewarding. I'm excited for you Harry!


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Du-co! (clap clap) Du-co! (clap clap)

Sounds like fun. Harry you once mentioned refashioning a 16" Ludwig standard floor tom into a club date style to go along with your CD kit and that you didn't fool anyone because people knew club dates didn't make 16". Anyway I may do that as well with a sky blue pearl 16" I just got on the cheap. I'm guessing this can be done without much effort? Thanks and good luck.


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Damn I love that duco. Wouldn't change a thing.
I think the 14 floor next to a 26 kick will be very unique.

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Oh boy. I love restoration threads and I love big kick drums. This thread is gonna be a fun one. Keep us updated Harry.


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Well, 2 hours of sanding today .... and this is where I'm at. Using a Random Orbital Sander (100 grit sandpaper, today). Tomorrow, or Friday, I'll take on one of the toms.​
The plan is an amber clear maple finish. And nickel hardware.​


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Anthony Amodeo

I'll be watching this thread like a fat kid watching a pie bake


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Question, are you going to go with classic round edges?
I hope so because they will really fit the bill for this kit.