Click Track and Set List Software/Program/App!

Hi everyone!

Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions of software or a program or even an app which could do the following:

-Store a set list of tracks with titles
-which would include click tempos / visual clicks for count in on each track entry
-Possibly allow notes on each track about layout or specifics about that song

Does such a thing exist? Im sure it does but i don't know where to look!

Im running a Mac also!

Thanks guys!
Thanks for replies guys!

So i just reverted to Logic...

Ive used tracks organised into set list, and put the click as audio for those tracks. Then using track notes function as my info/arrangement stuff!

Works pretty neat.


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Yes the Tempo /Metronome app by Frozen Ape is fantastic. I use it all the time for setlists and quick countins.. you can also set the strength of the colored balls to approximate the rythmn or backbeat. I must have 50 + setlists stored on my iTouch.. best $2 I ever spent!


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Hey everyone, I'm wondering if I can have some help with this issue too. I don't have a computer so what is the best app I can get for Android?
I tried Metronomous, however I feel personally it is quite clunky to use and am looking for something that has a easier user exp. It's a shame I can't get Tempo, as that app looked good too.
I also have Pro metronome installed currently. It does have a feature that you can program a click track in, ("set list") but It can be fiddly to put together entire songs in this fashion and sometimes whilst practicing it bugs out by playing a certain measure that I programmed in incorrectly. EG: instead of sounding a 4/4 click for four measures, it will play it just once and then stay on that measure and not go to the next programmed measure.
This is frustrating especially for frantic tempo/time measure changes.

Any suggestions? Many thanks.
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As a generic metronome app I use Pro Metronome. You can store all the tempos in playlists as your "set list."

For firing off backing tracks life I use an app called Stop & Go. It allows you to create a playlist, and edit the track order really easily. It also has a setting that will stop each song at the end instead of automatically moving onto the next song. To fire off the next song all you have to do it hit the big red button again.

I wish there was a one stop kind of thing that had a visual aid or notation feature while also playing the tracks, but the only thing I can do is make my own charts for that, and it takes forever!
Get Polynome for the iPhone/iPad, and get the pro-upgrade. Its 20 bucks, but well worth it. I'm pretty sure it can do everything there plus a lot more.


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I use Setlist Maker app for iPad. I chart/make notes for every song, has a click option and has a option to run tracks/mp3 files from it.


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for IOS the Prime app is nice. Use it everyweek at church on an ipad for running clicks, tracks and such


I'm another one who likes Tempo. We don't use backing tracks, so I have mine set for a count off, then the first 8-12 bars of the song, then it cuts off.