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After cleaning with warm water and drying thoroughly, a high quality carnuba wax to protect and help hide fingerprints.


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I use a feather duster to get the dust out of clamp areas and then a simple dry microfiber cloth to remove fingerprints on the chrome bars.

What brand of rack do you have?


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I like to use AutoGlym Rapid Detailer on my hardware and shells to keep them clean and shiny. And it makes everything smell a bit like bubblegum, which makes me happy for some reason. As long as there's no rust to be removed, I just use this.


Blue Magic works really well on chrome. It gives it a deep clean and leaves behind a silicon layer to protect from moisture. A bit of work to use it though- you have to buff for a while to get rid of the blackish layer that forms when it starts to react with and remove the dirt and oxidation.